Monmouth County Master Plan Update


The Draft Monmouth County Master Plan is available for public comment and review.  Please click on links to specific elements below.  Please send comments and/or questions to: 

Dear Master Plan Stakeholder,

The Division of Planning has been working diligently on the Monmouth County Master Plan since our working groups concluded their first round of stakeholder workshops.  Since that time, we have taken all your input, ideas, and comments and have framed them into a series of proposed draft Recommendations, Stakeholder Strategies, and Long Range Challenges (RSC) for the Master Plan. 

The initial Master Plan Recommendations developed by the working groups were “put to the test” through a systematic process of matching each Recommendation with specific Master Plan Goals, Principles, and Objectives (GPO) identified earlier in the planning process.   This step resulted in the creation of Recommendation Summaries affording us the opportunity to both explore and explain our reasoning for each of the proposed draft Recommendation. This also led to the addition of previously unidentified Objectives as well as some new Stakeholder Strategies.  Although extensive, the Recommendation Summaries as presented below will be consolidated into a series of Recommendation Summary Sheet, one sheet for each Recommendation organized by Master Plan Element (chapter).

Although the Planning Division will soon finish writing the draft Master Plan text, it will still be some time before all the material being produced in-house can be edited, consolidated, and formatted in to a final draft product for public review.  As the Plan nears its completion, we will once again initiate a new round of outreach efforts to engage the working groups and offer additional opportunities for public input.  

Until that time, all draft RSCs and Recommendation Summaries are presented below for your review and comment.

Monmouth County Draft Master Plan Documents as Designated by Elements

3.0 Natural Resources RSCs  

3.0 Natural Resources Recommendation Summaries

4.0 Open Space Resources RSCs  

4.0 Open Space Recommendation Summaries

5.0 Farmland Preservation RSCs   

5.0 Farmland Preservation Recommendation Summaries

6.0 Arts, Historic & Cultural RSCs 

6.0 Arts, Historic & Cultural Recommendation Summaries

7.0 Utilities RSCs 

7.0 Utilities Recommendation Summaries

8.0 Transportation RSCs  

8.0 Transportation Recommendation Summaries

9.0 Ag & Economic Dev. RSCs 

9.0 Ag & Economic Dev. Recommendation Summaries 

10.0 Community Dev. & Housing RSCs 

10.0 Community Dev. & Housing Recommendation Summaries

11.0 Healthy Communities RSCs 

11.0 Healthy Communities Recommendation Summaries

12.0 Community Resiliency RSCs 

12.0 Community Resiliency Recommendation Summaries

13.0 Community Sustainability RSCs 

13.0 Community Sustainability Recommendation Summaries

14.0 Planning Services & Outreach RSCs 

14.0 Planning Services & Outreach Recommendation Summaries     

Please e-mail your comments and/or questions to the Division of Planning.

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