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Welcome to the Monmouth County Master Plan webpage, here you will find documents related to the project background, the master plan process, involvement opportunities and other important information.

Since adoption of the last master plan, the Monmouth County Growth Management Guide, in 1982 the Monmouth County Planning Board has worked on a number of regional plans and specific plan elements. 

In 2013, the Monmouth County Planning Board and the Division of Planning staff  is commencing the third comprehensive update to the Master Plan of Monmouth County. Recognizing that municipalities have largely established their individual character and now aspire to maintain and enhance their identities, this plan focuses on redevelopment, revitalization and rediscovery of communities throughout the County.  The new master plan will synthesize and coordinate previous efforts as well as address new regional issues through several innovative approaches.

The plan is written with a 10-year planning horizon and a scope that is limited to issues that can be meaningfully addressed in Monmouth County and seeks to both inform and guide local decision-making.  It will establish contexts within the County, complement elements identified in the Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL) for inclusion in municipal master plans and stand alone documents which are adopted and revised on their own individual schedules. These documents are either maintained by the Monmouth County Planning Board or by other County departments and are adopted by the Board as they provide valuable support to the overall vision of the County.

Monmouth County Comprehensive Master Plan Documents

Monmouth County Master Plan Kick-off/Public Information Sessions Invitation

Monmouth County Master Plan Presentation 10-22-13

Monmouth County Master Plan Draft Vision Statement

Monmouth County Master Plan Draft Goals, Principles, and Objectives

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