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April is National County Government Month

This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the services and functions of Monmouth County government. Check back everyday to find out more.   

Monmouth County Fact of the Day:

  • April 16: $2.2 billion dollars were spent on tourism by visitors to Monmouth County in 2013, up nearly 5% from 2012.
  • April 15: The Purchasing Division processed 213 formal bids, 3,260 informal quotations and 326 State contracts in 2013.
  • April 14: Monmouth County owns and maintains approximately 2 million square feet of public buildings.
  • April 13: “Monmouth in Focus,” the County’s monthly TV show, can be seen on YouTube, accessed through
  • April 12: Monmouth County has preserved 14,809 acres of farmland to date.
  • April 11: The County Library System circulated more than 3.6 million items in 2013.
  • April 10: The Park System had 1,222 volunteers who donated 25,392 hours of their time in 2013.
  • April 9: The County's Division of Workforce Development puts approximately 650 into career training programs each year.
  • April 8: Consumer Affairs handled 615 cases in 2013. 
  • April 7: 177,983 Monmouth County residents voted in the 2013 General Election.
  • April 6: The population of Monmouth County is 630,380.
  • April 5: The Surrogate’s office processed 2,364 wills in 2013.
  • April 4: Monmouth County owns and maintains 980 bridges and culverts.
  • April 3: Monmouth County sees about 5 million tourists each year.
  • April 2: The County Health Department performed 5,867 public health inspections in 2013.
  • April 1: 6,105,983 people visited Monmouth's County parks in 2013.

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