Municipal Assistance/Shared Service Program

Please click on the link below to find a list of municipal assistance/shared services currently available to Monmouth County municipalities.
Primarily, this program is administered through the County Department of Public Works and Engineering, this service allows municipalities to request various services from the county, such as street sweeping, snow plowing, application and storage of salt, specialized mowing, use of equipment (with operator), guardrail installation, tree trimming, vehicle repair, towing, diesel emission inspection, fueling and truck washing. The cost of these services (if applicable) will be the actual cost to the County, including materials and labor.
If a municipality is interested in participating in this program, a request form must be submitted to the County Department of Public Works and Engineering. Upon County approval of the request, the municipality will be issued a cost quotation (if applicable) to provide the requested service. If the municipality decides to accept the quotation, solely at their discretion, the County shall schedule the services and forward a statement for the services at the end of each month.

The program is primarily administered through the Monmouth County Department of Public Works and Engineering. Click here to access the Public Works Department and Engineering website or call 732-577-8758.

For further assistance, contact Elizabeth Perez, Shared Services Coordinator by phone at 732-431-7460, ext. 2115 or by email at

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