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 Be advised:  Instructor 1 is FULL


Be Advised: ICS 200 (16021014) in Southard on Aug. 9 & 12 has been postponed.
Re-scheduling will be announced soon 


The Following Advanced Courses are FULL

Ropes & Rigging 1st & 2nd Offerings
Advanced SCBA 1st & 2nd Offerings
Fire Officer I 
Not Your Father's Truck Ops 2nd Offering 


Be advised. The deadline for filing Firefighter 1 applications is August 8. This will allow us a week to notify all of the recruits and organize all the paperwork and supplies to ensure the class gets off to a good start. Please cooperate with us and get the applications in on time. Thanks


 Be advised:

  Advanced SCBA (2nd offering) 11/1  Course # 14021019  FULL 



Be Advised:
Ropes and Rigging (2nd Offering) 10/20/18  Course # 14141012 is FULL 


 Be Advised:
Not Your Father's Truck Ops Course # 12021003 (12021003 -- 2nd Offering) is FULL.
1st Offering (12021002) still has openings 


First Offering of Advanced SCBA is now FULL (14021018)


Be advised.
We send out confirmation emails as soon as we register students into a course (as well as a reminder one week from the start of the course). At this time, we are handling an excessive amount of requests. All course requests are registered chronologically based on fax or email time stamp (first come, first serve). If you have not gotten an email confirmation, please wait one week before inquiring if you have been accepted into a course.


Regarding FF1 applications:
You do NOT need to make an appointment to drop it off; you just need to call before you come to verify someone is in the building. When you get here, if the doors are locked, please call the office and we will let you in. Sorry for the confusion. It's just that we need to check them for completion and accuracy before we accept them. Thanks



Be advised: There is only one offering of RIT Awareness (9/25). If you are looking to take RIT Ops, you must take this Awareness course if you don't already have it.  




Be Advised:
Basic Extrication Class is FULL. 

We will look to run another as staffing and time allow 


FF1 Classes 121 and 122 have been announced.  Please go to the FF1 page for more details.  Note: Deadline for applications is August 8 

Use ONLY the current application.  ALL others will be rejected

 Chiefs and FF1 applicants:  Please call us to schedule an application review before dropping off a FF1 application.  We need to review the paperwork to ensure it is compete and proper.  Thanks 




 New Drillground Request Form

New Suggested Scenario Guidlines

Please review when scheduling drillgrounds and use codes provided 


Please do not take pictures of applications and email or fax them. They are very hard to decipher. Email applications as PDF's only and fax originals only. Thanks



DO NOT  email any applications to Director Avillo.  They may not be honored. 
ALL applications for ALL classes (except FF1 and FF2) are to be emailed to Stefanie (, faxed in or hand-delivered.  

ALL FF1 and FF2 application must be hand-delivered as stated below 


 Chiefs, Be advised.
 Regarding RTK / BBP / Haz Mat Refresher:

We are going to use a more regional approach to this training.  We will be announcing locations, dates, and times where the training will be held soon.   

We will also require departments to choose a day that their department will be coming to the training.  These sessions will be held in area schools along with several at the Academy. 

We will offer both weekend (Saturday) and weekday classes. 
Please do not send in any individual departments requests for "home schooling". Once announced, departments can send in an advanced class request to attend a specific training site

 If a department has access to a large auditorium and would like to host a regional  class, please let us know and we will take it under consideration. 

Any questions can be directed to the Academy.

For any County Firefighters needing a Web ID:

1.  Application must be filled out completely and correctly.
2.   The application is on this website Web ID section.
3.   You must call Stefanie to let her know you are coming in. No walk-ins permitted. 


 Be advised:
Drillgrounds will have a hard stop of December 1.
 We will start scheduling for the Spring at that time.
 As is policy, any further drillground applications being sent in prior to November 30 must have a 3 week notice.




The Department Training Officer / Coordinator should arrive early to liaison with Academy Staff regarding scheduled training evolutions



Our Facebook page is up and running.  Share, like, and follow us.  The link is 


Just a reminder:

1.  NO SHORTS are to be worn to any classes at the academy.  This includes both classroom and drillground activities 
2.  No facial hair at any time during all FF1 classes and drillground activities.
3.  For ALL drillground activities:  ALL PPE is to be worn by ALL participants at ALL times that evolutions are being conducted.  NO EXCEPTIONS 


For Fire Officers and Firefighters, download the Office of Homeland Security's "8 SIGNS OF TERRORISM"


Use the Advanced Class Registration Form to register for the classes below:

Please do not send in applications for classes that are identified as being full. Students who walk in without being enrolled will have to leave.  This is due to a limited number of seats and limited student manuals, as well as the need to maintain specific teacher-student ratios. 

Be advised:  Please do not call to confirm your registration in a course.  The Academy will send out a confirmation email one week prior to the scheduled course start date.  If you do not receive an email one week prior, please call us to confirm.  Thanks

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Fire Academy Calendar


Frequently asked Drill Ground questions and academy guidelines


Out-of-county / Private Industry fees (updated 7-1-17)

 Be Advised:  All scheduled Advanced Classes can be found on the Advanced Class section in the menu above

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