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Just a reminder:

1.  NO SHORTS are to be worn to any classes at the academy.   This includes both classroom and drillground activities 

2.  No facial hair at any time during all FF1 classes and drillground activities.

3.  For ALL drillground activities:  ALL PPE is to be worn by ALL participants at ALL times that evolutions are being conducted.  NO EXCEPTIONS 


For Fire Officers and Firefighters, download the Office of Homeland Security's "8 SIGNS OF TERRORISM"


Use the Advanced Class Registration Form to register for the classes below:

Please do not send in applications for classes that are identified as being full. Students who walk in without being enrolled will have to leave.  This is due to a limited number of seats and limited student manuals, as well as the need to maintain specific teacher-student ratios.

Be advised:  Please do not call to confirm your registration in a course.  The Academy will send out a confirmation email one week prior to the scheduled course start date.  If you do not receive an email one week prior, please call us to confirm.  Thanks

2017 Fire Offerings

RIT CERT click here for flyer (28 hours)

 (Must have RIT Awareness to register)

RIT Ops (6/23 & 24) 5 openings 



 TEEX (Texas A & M) courses

BE ADVISED: TEEX 213, 310, 315, and 414 ARE FULL 



 TEEX Infrastructure Protection Certification

TEEX MGT315 Critical Asset Risk Mgmt 6/27/17 FULL

TEEX MGT414 Advanced Critical Infrastructure Protection 6/30/17  FULL


 TEEX MGT 412 Sports and Special Events Evacuation Training & Exercise 8/30/17


LSU NCBRT Courses 

ALL LSU courses require the LSU Common App Below.  DO NOT send an Academy Advanced Class Form.  This application must be emailed directly to Academy

 For ALL LSU Courses, you must have  FEMA SID#  (see link on application to attain one)  If you do not include a SID #, you will  not be accepted into the class

PER 335 Critical Decision making for Complex Coordinated Attacks  8/8 & 9 / 2017  FULL

MGT 323  Instructor Development Workshop 9/25-27/2017


 Battle of Monmouth Leadership Staff Ride         November  14, 16, 19, 2017 


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Frequently asked Drill Ground questions and academy guidelines


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