Firefighter 1 Information

Classes 125 and 126 will be announced after the July 4 holiday.  These two classes will attend a combined lecture night on Wednesdays and will then be broken up for weekends (Class 125 on Saturdays and Class 126 on Sundays) 

Chiefs and FF1 applicants:  Please call us to schedule an application review before dropping off a FF1 application.  We need to review the paperwork to ensure it is compete and proper. Thanks 

Note: The deadline for applications has passed. Please abide by the deadline so that we can properly process and prepare for the class.

Firefighter 1 Application / Schedule / Pre-Orientation Exam

    CLASS 123 (Tuesday / Saturday) and Class 124 (Thursday and Sunday) begin with a pre-orientation on Wednesday 1/16 at 1900 hours 

    Firefighter 1 Homework Assignments

     Firefighter 1 Handouts

    Web ID application and instructions

    Firefighter 1 Online Required Classes

    Firefighter 1 Resources

    Practice  Exams

    Flash Cards (2nd edition but still very helpful)

    Test Preparation

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