The Monmouth County Health Department staff of nearly 70 individuals is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary group, with expertise in areas ranging from Hazardous Materials response, Public health nursing, Environmental Health, Epidemiology and the myriad of public health topics that affect the health of Monmouth County residents.  This team of committed individuals is highly-regarded by local health partners as well as state agencies such as the Department of Community Affairs, Department of Environmental Protection Agency, New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, and the Office of the Attorney General.  In addition to receiving grant funds from each agency, staff is often invited to participate on state level task forces and speak at statewide conferences.  As a service to our member municipalities, we are pleased to provide a health department speakers bureau providing education sessions on the following topics:

Maternal & Child Health

     Prevention and Control of Childhood Obesity
     Facts About Lead Poisoning
     Cultural Sources Of Lead
     Dangers Of Lead Exposure For Pregnant Women
     Lead For Contractors

Adult Health 

     Cholesterol And You  -  "Which One Is The Good One Again"?
     Stress Management For Real Life
     Eating For Health
     Osteoporosis / Penia  "Do We Have A Bone To Pick With You"!
     Caregiver Sanity  "Care For You Too"!
     Healthy Homes  -  "Howe Homes Affect Our Health"
     Breast Health
     Adult Immunizations  -  "Am I At Risk"?
     Aging & Vitality  "Mental Emotional & Physical Skills We Can Adopt
     To Improve Health"
     Healthy Bones

Communicable Diseases

     Sexually Transmitted Diseases
     Communicable Disease Outbreak Investigation
     Vaccinator Training
     Mantoux Testing  "Administration & Interpretation"
     Facts About Influenza

Emergency Preparedness

     Family Disaster Planning
     Homeland Security & Emergency Planning
     Role of First Responders In Public Health Emergencies
     Health Emergencies
     Psychological First Aid
     Start & Jump Triage
     Strategic National Stockpile - Overview
     Medical Reserve Corp  -  Volunteer Opportunities

Environmental Health 

     Bedbugs  "What You Need To Know"
     Household Hazardous Waste
     Permitting Requirements For Minor Sources Of Air Pollution School Lab
     Chemicals  -  Handling, Storage And Disposal
     Total Maximum Daily Loads And Storm Water Rules

General Miscellaneous

     Monmouth County Health Department - Overview Of Programs and Services
     Cultural Competency
     Conflict Resolution

A personal action plan is your investment in family security. Our trained Health Education Ambassadors are available as guest speakers for community meetings to discuss what should be included in your plan.

Interested groups can contact the MCHD at 732-431-7456 to arrange for a speaker.

Click Here for information on HEROs (Health Education Reaching Others) on-line training.

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