Has the “Social Security Administration” called you to tell you there’s a “hold” on your account?

It was NOT the Social Security Administration!

Government agencies like Social Security and the IRS do NOT call you on the phone and ask for your personal information, or for you to call them! Your best protection? HANG UP! You can also look into various ways to block and filter malicious callers.

As of October 2019, it is estimated that the Social Security Scam has robbed Americans of over $17,000,000.

In General, any phone call you receive that pressures you into providing personal information, bullies you, threatens you, or scares you into giving credit card information or payment over the phone is most likely a scam. When in doubt, hang up and notify authorities.

Other recent phone scams include individuals impersonating Apple, Microsoft and the IRS.



‘Tis the season for ‘open enrollment’ scams

November 13, 2019
by Gretchen Abraham
Division of Consumer & Business Education

Winter is coming, which means open enrollment season is here. With 2020 just around the corner, now’s the time to add or change your health coverage through Medicare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA). You have until December 7 (Medicare) or December 15 (ACA) to make any changes. As you compare your options, watch out for scams. Here are some tips to protect your wallet and your personal information this open enrollment season.

Eligible for Medicare?
• Anyone who tries to sell you Medicare insurance while claiming to be an “official Medicare agent” is a scammer. There are no Medicare sales representatives.
• Ignore anyone who says you must join a prescription drug plan to keep your Medicare coverage. The Medicare prescription drug plan (also known as Part D) is voluntary and has nothing to do with the rest of your Medicare coverage.
• Never give information over the phone to someone who says they need it so you can keep your coverage. Hang up on anyone who asks for a quick payment, threatens you, or offers you free equipment or services in exchange for your information.
• If you need help with Medicare, call 1-800-MEDICARE or go to


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