Division of Juvenile Detention Alternatives

For a list of all available resources please read the Family Guide to Juvenile Justice.

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The Monmouth County Department of Human Services, Division of Juvenile Detention Alternatives operates House Arrest/Electronic Monitoring/Shelter Programs that serve juveniles referred by the Monmouth Vicinage, Family Division Judiciary. The Division of Juvenile Detention Alternatives oversees all youth placed in the continuum of detention alternatives (as listed below). They ensure that the youth appears in court, doesn’t commit any new offenses, as well as address program non-compliance. 

The target population being served by the Division of Juvenile Detention Alternatives is male and female youth between the ages of 11 and 18. This division provides a continuum of services as outlined by the Juvenile Justice Commission as alternatives to secure detention and is a component of the county’s youth services planning and updates.

2018-2020 Monmouth County Comprehensive Youth Services Plan

House Arrest/Electronic Monitoring: 

These programs are detention alternatives utilized at the Judge’s discretion. It allows a juvenile to be released from the Court or the detention center to a parent or guardian under specific restrictions. The juvenile is not allowed to leave the home without a parent or guardian except to attend school or work. The local Police Department is notified of the juvenile’s specific House Arrest/Electronic Monitoring conditions. The juvenile and his/her family are informed any violation of the House Arrest/Electronic Monitoring conditions will result in the juvenile’s arrest and possible return to the Youth Detention Center.

House Arrest A:
Supervision is primarily the responsibility of the youth’s parent/caregiver. Youth may leave the house to go to school and work, and all other approved activities with the company of a parent/caregiver. Detention Alternative staff will have bi-weekly face to face contacts and weekly phone contacts.

House Arrest B:
This program is the same as House Arrest A in addition to daily random phone contacts and weekly face to face contacts.  

Home Detention Program (HDP):
is a detention alternative program utilized at the Judge’s discretion. It affords the juvenile to be released from the detention center, under the supervision of the Home Detention Program Officer, to return home on an electronic monitor. The juvenile is monitored 24 hours a day through an electronic monitoring bracelet. The juvenile is given “windows” of time which are pre-documented as specific timeframes he/she will be out of the home to attend school, organized sports, church etc. The juvenile must be in their home at all other times. Special requests may be made to the HDP Officer for additional windows for family related functions. A violation of the Home Detention Program could result in the immediate return of the juvenile to the detention center based on the severity of the violation. Detention Alternative staff shall conduct face to face contacts weekly.  

Electronic Monitoring (GPS) Equipment (EME):
The goal of the Electronic Monitoring (EME) program is to provide electronic supervision that allows juveniles to remain in the community as opposed to being incarcerated in the youth detention center.  Members of the Division of Juvenile Detention Alternatives rotate after hours on call to provide 24 hour a day 7 day per week coverage to respond to municipal police departments to install GPS/Wireless ankle units for juveniles deemed eligible by the court in lieu of secure detention.  The Family Court Intake Officer utilizes the Risk Screening Tool to determine eligibility.

Shelter Services:
The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders through a shared services agreement with Middlesex County funds and operates youth shelter services for Monmouth County youth. The Department of Human Services, Division of Juvenile Detention Alternatives is the agency responsible for administering and monitoring shelter services provided for Monmouth County youth including but not limited to admission requirements, transportation and case management. Admissions for shelter care are approved by the Family Court Judge and through Family Court Intake. The Middlesex County Youth Shelter telephone number is 732-297-8991.

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