New Jersey 4-H - Official web site of the New Jersey 4-H Program.

4-H Youth Center for Outdoor Education The Lindley G. Cook 4-H Youth Center for Outdoor Education, located on 108 beautiful acres in Stokes State Forest, Sussex County, NJ.

National 4-H Cooperative Curriculum- Over 190 exciting, experientially-based 4-H curriculum products for youth and volunteers are available.

National 4-H Council- this council is committed to providing leadership and resources so 4-H Programs are available to youth across the United States. National 4-H Council supports national and state 4-H programs with a focus on fundraising, brand management, communications, legal services, and fiduciary services. National Council also oversees the National 4-H Conference Center and the National 4-H Supply Service.

National 4-H Conference Center- this Center is Washington DC area’s nonprofit hotel and conference center, just minutes from DC’s museums and historic sites. The hotel is situated on 12 beautiful acres in the upscale neighborhood of Chevy Chase, Maryland. When 4-H members attend national 4-H leadership events, such as Citizenship Washington Focus, they are house at this center. Additionally, this center is open to public citizens as well. Your stay supports the center by provides funding and resources, which helps to deliver 4-H programs to millions of youth across the USA.

SHOP 4-H - The National 4-H Supply Service is the e-commerce and mail order catalog unit of National 4-H Council. The National 4-H Supply Service was created in 1925 to meet the needs of the 4-H system and is the official primary source for supplies, paraphernalia and other similar items bearing the 4-H name or emblem. Products offered for sale to the system include awards and recognition items (trophies, plaques, medals, ribbons), 4-H apparel and club supplies, office supplies, 4-H curriculums and other printed resources.

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