Master Gardeners

Rutgers Master Gardeners of Monmouth County 

We are members of the Monmouth County community who have been trained as Master Gardeners. Our mission is to provide horticultural and gardening information and support to the Monmouth County community.  Trained volunteers diagnose plant problems, suggest good cultural practices for your garden, and advise you as to the best care for home landscape. You can come to our office located at 4000 Kozloski Rd., Freehold to have an insect or specimen identified.

732-303-7614 - Helpline phone number.  Helpline hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Monday through Friday or email us your questions, photographs and general gardening inquiries. Voicemail is available and your calls will be answered.

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Read about previous events hosted by the Master Gardeners in 2018; stay posted for more!

The 2018 Junior Master Gardener Grow Team documents:

Community Projects

If you have a Monmouth County public gardening project on which you would like consulting, contact us. Examples are garden planning and implementation and public garden design. Call Diane Larson at 732-431-7260, ext. 7262.

Gardening Speakers

Got a speaking slot to fill for your organization's meeting? We've got a speaker for you!  We can provide a knowledgeable speaker about many gardening topics - from growing roses to generating compost, hummingbirds and vegetable gardens. We are here to serve the Monmouth County gardening community.

For additional topics or more information, call Diane Larson at 732-431-7260, ext. 7262.

Horticultural Enrichment

Horticultural Enrichment is a process utilizing plants and horticultural activities to improve the social, educational, psychological and physical of persons thus improving their body, mind and spirits.

Groups for whom horticultural enrichment has proven beneficial include people who are physically disabled, mentally ill, developmentally disabled, elderly, substance abusers, public offenders and socially disadvantaged.  We provide consultative services to all of these. For more information, call Diane Larson at 732-431-7260, ext. 7262.

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