Know Before You Go!

It's important to research the new social-distancing regulations and policies in place at your desired beach destination before leaving your home! Some towns may require masks to be worn in restrooms and others may only be selling beach badges online while limiting the number of daily badges being sold. It is information like this that will be vital to know before you go to ensure a smooth trip to the Jersey Shore!

We want your trip to the beach to be enjoyable and safe! See the information below and visit your beach town's website for more information!


-The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders 

Monmouth County Accessible Beach Guide



Beach Badges: The Beach Manager reserves the right to suspend the use of Guest Passes without prior notice should conditions require such action. Moreover, it is anticipated that the use of guest passes will be prohibited for July 4th weekend and possibly other weekends when large crowds are expected. The Beach Manager reserves the right to suspend the sale of daily beach passes at a certain time of day should crowded conditions require such action.

Restrooms and Beach Amenities: Only one member or guest at a time will be allowed in the bathroom except for a parent assisting a child. The water fountains will be closed until further notice. Showers will be available at the beach and by the pool.


Asbury Park

Beach Badges: The number of daily and seasonal beach passes sold will be limited. All sales for beach passes for the 2020 Season will be done exclusively through the Viply mobile app. Daily beach passes will be available for purchase each day at 5 p.m. for the following day only.

Restrooms and Beach Amenities: Access to restroom facilities will be limited to one person at a time. Face coverings or masks will need to be worn when using restroom facilities. Beach showers, water fountains and new water bottle refilling stations will be unavailable until further notice. 

Parking: Visitors will be required follow paid parking guidelines and are urged to use the Park Mobile app ( for payment instead of parking kiosks to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 



Beach Badges: Daily badges will only be sold online starting May 23 with a limited number available. Check the Borough website for more information.

Restrooms and Beach Amenities: Bathroom availability will be reduced and one shower will be open to rinse off. However, showers will not be available at the outset of the season. Bathrooms will only be opened on weekends until June 15. The use of face coverings or masks are strongly encouraged while using the bathroom facilities.

Parking: No parking on Ocean Avenue with the exception of the handicapped parking spots. No diagonal parking at all in the Borough. As a result, parking will be limited this season.



Beach Badges: To assist us in complying with social distancing guidelines we will temporarily suspend the sale of season badges at 5:00pm on Friday, May 22, 2020. We will resume the sale of season badges on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at the Taylor Pavilion. Daily Badge sales will begin May 23, 2020 and be available 7 days a week. To assist with Social Distancing Guidelines, additional ticket booths for daily badge sales will be added to the boardwalk, as well as two booths will be placed at the top of Silver Lake. Beach badges are required for admission to Belmar’s beaches from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., 7 days a week from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day.

Restrooms and Beach Amenities: Face masks must be worn to enter a boardwalk restroom.

Parking: Beachfront paid parking will only be available through the ParkMobile app.


Bradley Beach

Beach Badges: Beach Badge Update for this weekend: May 30-31 from 9am-5pm.
**3rd and Cliff: Daily Sales and Pickup; Season Sales and Pickup; Viply mobile app Daily Pick Up
**Evergreen, 3rd, Park Place: Daily Sales Cash Only
**Brinley Ave: ONLY Season Viply Pick Up

Adult, Jr. and Sr. Season available in person.
Jr. and Sr. Season available on Viply.
Adult Season NOT available on Viply.
Daily available on Viply and in person.

Restrooms and Beach Amenities: Bathroom facilities will be open. Foot rinses on the boardwalk will be on.


Beach Badges: Kiosks shall be used to purchase daily passes.

Restrooms and Beach Amenities: Restrooms will be open but with limits on capacity. Pool remains closed. Water fountains remain closed. Masks required for bathrooms and snack bar lines.




Loch Arbour

Beach Badges: No person-to-person contact between gate staff and beach patrons. Daily badges must be purchased using the Viply smartphone app, through Viply’s website, or an on-site credit card machine. 

Restroom and Beach Amenities: Restrooms will be open with social-distancing policies in place. Showers and water fountains will be out of service until further notice. Face coverings must be worn on bathroom lines and in the bathroom.


Long Branch

Beach Badges: Seasonal badges will be available for purchase daily at the beach office everyday from 10am-3pm with Viply payment app (preferred) and cash only. Beach office is located at the North East Corner of South Bath Avenue and Ocean Blvd. Daily badges will be available for purchase at the ticket booths at each beach entrance using the Viply app (preferred) or cash; or purchase at the parking meter and bring to the ticket booth for badges. Ticket booths are equipped with physical barriers in place to protect the patrons and staff.

Restroom and Beach Amenities: Restrooms closed. Porto Johns will be at various locations. Showers will be operational. No water fountains will be opened on the beachfront.

Parking: Parking meters are in effect on May 1st to September 30th & Paid Metered Lots will be available. Lots are one fee. $5 Mon-Thur, $10 Fri, Sat, Sun, and Holidays. Free parking is available for residents at the municipal lot across from Ocean Place Resort on Ocean Blvd for Long Branch residents with proof of residency. People entering the lot will be asked to show the vehicles registration and the driver’s license of the person operating the vehicle upon entering the lots.



Beach Badges: Online sales of season passes ended on May 15. There will be no purchase of badges (either online or in person) through at least June 1.

Restrooms and Beach Amenities: Limited availability of restroom facilities with new policies and procedures for regular cleaning. Beach showers and water fountains will not be available through June 1.

Parking: Parking lots will be open with limited admissions available.


Monmouth Beach

Beach Badges: The purchase of a daily pass must be made through the mobile app Viply. The app will notify you if daily passes have sold out for the day before your purchase. 


Ocean Grove 

Beach Badges: Daily passes may be purchased with the VIPLY app. They will go on sale the evening before the date of their use. There will be a limit on daily passes. Season badges are currently sold out.


Sandy Hook

Restroom Amenities: Permanent bathrooms are currently closed. Port-a-johns are available throughout the park.

Parking: The following parking lots are closed: Parking Lot A, North Beach/K Lot.


Sea Bright

Beach Badges: Patrons will have four access gates to enter the Municipal Beach in Sea Bright. Patrons will find staff at each of these gates ready, and willing to assist them to enter the beach as efficiently as possible. Beach staff will encourage all patrons to be mindful of social distancing guidelines when setting up on the beach. The four gates used for admission create the opportunity for equal distribution of patrons across the Municipal Beach. Patrons will be able to purchase seasonal and daily badges for admission to the beach.

Restrooms and Beach Amenities: The public restrooms will be open with a limit of three patrons using the restroom at one time. Face coverings should be utilized when using the restrooms. Patrons are reminded to wash their hands and practice social distancing. The public restrooms will be routinely disinfected in addition to their regularly scheduled cleanings. The showers and foot wash stations will not be available. The playground will be closed. The water fountains will not be available. The public will not have access to public benches, chairs, or tables. Demarcations depicting six feet of spacing will be present in areas where the public may form a line.

Parking: The Borough of Sea Bright will open the municipal parking lot, with reduced capacity, on Friday, May 15th. Paid parking will go into effect on Friday, May 15th with patrons encouraged to use the parking app mPay2Park. The reduction of available parking will be utilized, when necessary, to limit the number of patrons with access to the beach.


Sea Girt

Beach Badges: The sale of season badges has been suspended from noon on May 20 through 9:00 AM on May 27 to allow staff to process badge orders received through May 20. Adult and senior citizen season badges will be available for purchase after the holiday. Season badges will not be available for pick-up over the Memorial Day weekend. Daily badges will be sold starting Saturday, May 23, (weekends only until June 13) at the following locations: the Pavilion on Beacon Boulevard; New York, Philadelphia and Trenton beach entrances. Please note that due to the Governor’s Executive Order regarding social distancing, access to the beach may be restricted if the premises becomes too crowded; this restriction applies to both season and daily badge holders. For their protection and the protection of our employees, we urge all patrons to wear masks when interacting with our staff.

Restrooms and Beach Amenities: Bathroom facilities will be open; social distancing will be enforced and bathrooms will be closed on a periodic basis for cleaning. Outdoor showers will be open; water fountains will not be available. The concession will be closed.

Parking: There are no parking restrictions in effect at this time.


Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park

Beach Badges: Season passes for park access and parking are currently on sale. Daily park capacity will be limited to achieve mandated social distancing objectives. This applies to parking and walk-in visitors. Purchasing a season pass, or a daily access pass, does not guarantee visitors entry into the park if capacity is reached. Once capacity is reached, the park will remain closed until a sufficient number spaces open.

Restrooms and Beach Amenities: Restrooms and buildings remain closed (5/18), along with some facilities.

Parking: Season passes for parking are currently on sale. Daily park capacity will be limited to achieve mandated social distancing objectives. This applies to parking and walk-in visitors.


Spring Lake

Beach Badges: All badge sales, including seasonal and daily badges, must be purchased online at as there will be no sales at the beachfront. Sales will be limited. Once the limit has been reached, sales will close. Daily badges will be sold by areas of the beach. Badges are required on weekends, 5/23, 5/24 and 5/25, 5/30 and 5/31, 6/6 and 6/7 and 6/13 and 6/14. Beginning 6/15, badges are required seven days a week.

Restrooms and Beach Amenities: Bathrooms will be open with new cleaning protocols and social distancing guidelines enforced. Showers and water fountains will not be available. Residents and visitors are required to wear make when utilizing bathrooms, snack bars and access points, as well as when interacting with beach staff, lifeguards or police officers. The boardwalk remains closed except at the designated access points.

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