Name Term Expires
LONGOBARDI, Marianne President  Morganville 3/19/2018
BUONTEMPO, Ann Marie Vice President Holmdel 12/31/2018
KAHLE, Ellynn Secretary/Treasurer Oceanport 4/25/2019
CALABRESE, Thomas   Keansburg 3/15/2021
CHARNICK, Brian   Eatontown 10/23/2017
WARDELL, Andrew   Neptune City 9/24/2020
BOISVERT, Paul   Howell 4/25/2019
LICITRA, Ross Howell2/22/2021



Legal Authority: Established by Resolution 78-169 pursuant to N.J.S.A. 26:3A2-1-5 Local Health
Services Act L.1975 C329 effective April 1, 1976

Number of Members: Current = 8
Revised 2/21/2018

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