Extension Master Gardener - A national MG blog  This site is an educational partnership of 74 universities, including Rutgers.

U-Pick Farms - Find out where to pick Jersey Fresh fruits and vegetables.

NJDA -  New Jersey Department of Agriculture - find NJ wineries, festivals, recipes, farmers markets and much more.

What's in Season - Jersey Fresh - find out what is currently in season.

Delmarva Gardens is hosted by Ginny Rosenkranz, commercial horticulture extension specialist with the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension. Watch past episodes on line.

Rutgers Weed Gallery

Virginia Tech Weed ID Guide -If you know you weed’s name - basically a weed encyclopedia.

Jersey Fresh

NJ DEP Drought Information - -Regional drought status indicators, complete text of drought regulations/proclamations.

Cornell University Extension -Excellent online flower and vegetable growing guides, berry diagnostics, etc.

Maryland Home and Garden Information Center - -Fact sheets to download and print, IPM series on specific plants, online diagnostic section

Ohio State University, WebGarden -Plant Facts, Dictionary, Garden Questions, Pocket Gardener, etc.

University of Georgia, IPM Images: The Source for Agricultural Images - -Download average quality images or register for free and download higher quality images.

University of Nebraska, Department of Entomology - -Excellent digital pictures of ticks.


New Jersey Botanical Garden

Frelinghuysen Arboretum

Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary

Holmdel Arboretum

Monmouth County Parks

More Gardens & Parks

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