Wickie Hom and his wife Anita at Annual Board of Agriculture Dinner - March 6, 2004

Wickie Hom

The Monmouth County Board of Agriculture takes great pride in publicly recognizing your outstanding service to agriculture.  You were born in 1948 and raised on the original “Home” farm in Monroe.  These 100 acres were purchased by your father Chong Min Hom and your mother Fay Moy Hom along with two uncles.  You have a wonderful wife Anita, a farming partner and brother Frank, and two sisters, Sue Lin and Kim. 

Your farming education began early at age 5, and you progressed to tractor driving by the time you were 8 years old.  While you were working on the farm in these younger years, you joined 4-H and of course grew vegetables for the County Fair.   In high school, you did not join the FFA of Allentown because you were enrolled in the college prep program, not the vocational program.  You were an exceptionally good student in the top 10% percent of the class. Your extracurricular activities included playing center on the football team, catcher on the baseball team and drums in the band.  How you had time to sleep is anyone’s guess!

After graduating high school in 1966, you attended Grove City College and received a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1970.   While you sought work as an engineer, you worked with your uncle in marketing the vegetables from the family farm. When your uncle tragically passed away in 1971, you had to make a major career decision which was to remain and work on the family farm.

In 1976, you were nominated to join the Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Program, representing Monmouth County.

Since 1977, you have been an active member of the Monmouth County Board of Agriculture Executive Committee, serving on many sub-committees including many years as county representative for the New Jersey Vegetable Growers Association.

In 1989, you were appointed to serve on the Monmouth County Agricultural Development Board and you continue your service to this day.

Today New Sun Sang Farm double-crops 200 acres of Asian vegetables in Millstone Township.  This 400 acres of quality produce is sold in the major  Chinatown market in New York.  You and your brother have been innovators and progressive producers. You have generously served as  a spokesperson for the promotion and marketing of farm products to the general press and public and assisted county extension programs with your advise and knowledge.  When you get a few breaks in your busy work schedule, you enjoy skiing and travel.  You even found time to construct a fantastic batting cage in your barn for the local baseball teams to use.  Wickie, for all these contributions, on behalf of Monmouth County Board of Agriculture, I would like to present you with this plaque in recognition of your 27 years of service and dedication to our agricultural community.

Presented March 6, 2004

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