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Issue Seven - Winter 2019


When Governor Murphy took office in January one of his first actions was to order an audit of NJ TRANSIT to establish recommendations for improvement.  The audit has been released and Governor Murphy believes it is within our grasp to fix NJ TRANSIT. Recommendations range from improving organizational structure and recruitment practices as well as communications with passengers and physical infrastructure.

save moneyTax Benefit for Transit Commuters on the Horizon 

The state Senate's budget committee approved a bill requiring most employers to provide pre-tax commuting benefits to their employees, allowing commuters to save on their transit trips to work.

New Jersey Towns are Making Strides Towards Safer Streets

Last year New Jersey experienced 183 pedestrian fatalities, the most in twenty four years. Nationally there has been a 46% spike in pedestrian fatalities from 2009 to 2016. To curb these crashes towns are implementing interesting strategies to build safer streets with fewer conflicts between pedestrians and motor vehicles.

busAmericans Need to Start Making Public Transit a Priority 

America's public transportation infrastructure is far behind those of other countries, and its mainly because Americans simply don't understand how transit should work. Lack of service or reliability is seen as the norm and has led to the belief that transit is not a priority, but a well organized and funded transit service will alleviate the traffic congestion plaguing the country. The rest of the world is seeing a transit revolution, why is America falling behind?

road rageHaving Trouble Parking? There's an App for That.

Urban areas such as Hoboken and New York City can be a nightmare when it comes to parking. Luckily there is a new phone application that tells you where to find empty spaces.

Thousands Have Submitted Applications to Fill Engineer Positions at NJ TRANSIT

NJ TRANSIT has been experiencing a shortage in train engineers, which has led to the cancellation of a significant number of trains, causing delays and disrupting commutes system-wide. There are a number of reasons for the shortage, but the recent hiring campaign has resulted in over 5,000 applicants. Two training classes are scheduled to being in 2019.

By-WaysMonmouth County Virtual By-Ways

Explore Monmouth's history and culture using the Monmouth County Cultural and Heritage Virtual Tours.  Delve into the County's agricultural legacy, celebrate the Jersey Shore lifestyle, revel in the rich history, and relish Monmouth's indigenous arts and culture with these exciting and easy to use tours.


  • MCTC Re-Organization Meeting January 15, 7p.m., Hall of Records Annex, Freehold

Did you know?

In 1900, Americans owned 8,000 cars. This increased to 8 million by 1920 and 220 million in 2000. That is more than one car for every American over the age of 18.

Monmouth County Transportation Meeting Calendar

Council meetings are open to the public, and we invite you to come paticipate with us. Click here for the MCTC Meeting Calendar.

A Guide to Buying Winter/Snow Tires

Winter driving can be tricky, especially when it comes to snow and ice. Here's a guide to help you find the appropriate winter tires to keep you safe this winter.

Participate with the Council

If you have an interest in transportation we invite you to contact the staff advisors to the Monmouth County Transportation Council at and find out about ways you can participate or volunteer with us.

Why Support Gateway?

Governor Cuomo of New York has put together a short video showing the current state of the Hudson Rail Tunnels including a rare look inside.

Monmouth County Bicycle Resource Application

The Monmouth County Division of Planning has developed a crowdsourcing application for the collection of bike infrastructure locations, and we need your help! We are looking for volunteers to use the application to mark the locations and take photos of bike paths, racks, shops and maintenance stations. The information will be used to develop an updated Monmouth County Bike Map.

To volunteer, contact the Division of Planning at - and thank you for your support!

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