County of Monmouth

For immediate release
August 14, 2018

Monmouth County Roads and Bridges Closed
Due to Flooding
Detours will be in place until water subsides
and repairs are made

WALL TOWNSHIP/HOWELL, NJ – Several roads and bridges in Monmouth County were made impassable on August 13 from heavy rains that caused flooding. Detours have been established for impacted locations and will remain in place until additional assessments can be completed.

“Our crews have been assessing the storm damage since yesterday throughout the County to determine the safety of all roads and bridges impacted,” said Freeholder Director Thomas A. Arnone. “In instances where flood waters receded, structures were inspected and/or repaired and were reopened as appropriate.”

Some of the roads and bridges initially impacted have been assessed and are now open to motorists. However, the following remain closed until further notice:

  • In Wall Township, the remaining closed roads are Allenwood Road, (Monmouth County structure W-18a) just south of the intersection with West Hurley Pond Road, and Marconi Road (Monmouth County structure W-56), about 250 feet north of the intersection with Monmouth Blvd.
  • In Howell Township, currently closed roads are Ramtown Greenville Road, (Monmouth County structure HL-59) about 500 northeast of the intersection with Arnold Blvd., and Lakewood-Allenwood Road, (Monmouth County structure HL60a,) just east of the intersection with Vienna Road. Repairs at HL60a are currently being performed and are expected to be completed by the end of today.

Governor Murphy has declared a State of Emergency in Monmouth County in response to this event.

“We urge all residents to continue to drive with caution in the aftermath of the storm,” said Director Arnone. “The County will continue working on all impacted areas as long as necessary and apprise residents of any changes in the coming days.”