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Issue Five- Summer 2018

NJ CyclistNJ Ranked Among the Top Ten Bike Friendly States

On paper New Jersey looks to be one of the most bicycle friendly states in the country. The state has a Bicycle Master Plan, as well as a Bicycle Safety Plan, and numerous municipalities and counties have adopted Complete Streets policies. In reality, pedestrian fatalities increased in 2017 and New Jersey lacks stronger laws to protect pedestrians and cyclists and better educate drivers to safely interact along the roadway.

Monmouth County Bicycle Resource Application

The Monmouth County Division of Planning has developed a crowdsourcing application for the collection of bike infrastructure locations, and we need your help! We are looking for volunteers to use the application to mark the locations and take photos of bike paths, racks, shops and maintenance stations. The information will be used to develop an updated Monmouth County Bike Map.

To volunteer, contact the Division of Planning at - and thank you for your support!

Electric BusElectric Buses are Helping to Build Cleaner, Greener Cities

Switching existing bus fleets from diesel to electric power can drastically reduce harmful emissions and save hundreds of thousands of barrels of diesel fuel a day. Cities such as Los Angeles and Seattle have already agreed to only procure zero-emission buses moving forward, and New York City is deploying ten electric buses for a three-year test drive.

Canceled7 North Jersey Coast Line Trains Suspended Starting June 4

In an effort to meet a year-end deadline to install Positive Train Control system wide, NJ TRANSIT will be removing trains from service through the end of 2018.  See if your commute is affected.

Complete Streets Technical Assistance now Available

Sustainable Jersey (SJ), the Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers University (VTC), the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) and Together North Jersey (TNJ) have announced the Complete Streets Technical Assistance Program. The program will support municipal government efforts to implement complete streets in nine municipalities. Selected participants will receive free direct technical assistance to complete a specific task related to advancing a complete streets initiative in their communities. No direct funding to municipalities is provided. The free technical assistance will be provided by SJ and VTC staff.

For Detailed program information please visit the Sustainable Jersey website.


  • MCTC Meeting July 10, 7p.m., Hall of Records Annex, Freehold
  • Monmouth County Fair July 25 to 29, at the East Freehold Showgrounds, Kozloski Road, Freehold

Did you know?

in 2016 more Monmouth County residents took a bus, ferry or bicycle to work than any other year! Check out the details and other interesting facts about Monmouth County in this years Monmouth County Profile.

Monmouth County Transportation Meeting Calendar

Council meetings are open to the public, and we invite you to come paticipate with us. Click here for the MCTC Meeting Calendar.

World's First Electrified Roadway

Sweden is paving the way with electrified roadways capable of charging electric vehicles while driving.

Participate with the Council

If you have an interest in transportation we invite you to contact the staff advisors to the Council at and find out about ways you can participate or volunteer with us.

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