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Weekend in Old Monmouth Story Map

Weekend in Old Monmouth is also available online. A Story Map Tour℠ has been created to present all 46 tour locations in a linear, place-based narrative with photos. To use the Story Map, go to

Each tour site is now a "story point" on an interactive map using geo-location technology. You can click sequentially through the narrative, or you can browse one of the tour routes by interacting with the map or the thumbnail carousel. Tour may be viewed on a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Visiting the multiple pages within the Story Map will help you to learn more about each of the tour routes and clicking-on each point will reveal more about the specific historic sites.

The Monmouth County Division of Planning used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to generate the Story Map for the 2018 Weekend in Old Monmouth.  

View the 2017 Weekend in Old Monmouth Tour Booklet (PDF)

Weekend in Old Monmouth