County of Monmouth
Monmouth County Division of Planning
The goals of the Monmouth County Community Rating System Program are to:
  • Encourage municipal participation in the CRS;
  • Increase the number of towns participating in the CRS program that may not have the technical capability, personnel or financial capacity to do so without program support;
  • Leverage efficiencies of scale that result in a cost effective, shared service by providing towns with baseline data, information, and mapping services;
  • Increase the number of buildings and structures covered in the CRS program;
  • Lower cost for NFIP policy holders (residents and business owners) in special flood hazard areas;
  • Promote mitigation preparedness and activities in special flood hazard areas;
  • Assist towns in the preparation of their floodplain management plans and ordinances
  • Provide peer support and access to professional assistance from County, state, and federal agencies through the User Group.

Become CRS Ready

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