County of Monmouth
Mosquito Control Division

Catch Basin Maintenance

At the end of 1995 a Vac Con, a sewer jet and catch basin cleaner, was purchased for the Commission by the Board of Chosen Freeholders. The Commission will be initiating a mosquito source reduction program that will center on the cleaning and desilting of catch basins adjacent to the waterways of Monmouth County. Aside from the obvious benefit of periodically reducing the mosquito breeding potential of these facilities the program is being designed to reduce the amount of non-point pollution that presently enter streams, lakes and rivers.

In order for this program to be successful the cooperation and participation of the 53 municipalities will be required. Because of the many thousands of basins throughout the County, the Commission will prioritize those areas where we believe this program will have the greatest positive impact.

This service will be based upon the municipality entering into an interlocal services agreement with the Commission and will be contingent upon the approval of the Division of Local Government Services. This program relies upon the cooperation and modest financial contributions of the municipalities where we intend doing the work. The following prerequisites must be met for the catch basins and/or manholes to qualify for this program:

  1. The structure must be within 100 feet of a waterway or drainage ditch.
  2. The structure cannot be located on a County highway or road.
  3. The basin and/or outfall must empty directly into a waterway or drainage ditch.
  4. The municipality must furnish the Commission with a map showing the location of all structures that they desire to include in the program.
  5. The municipality must enter into a Interlocal Services Agreement with the Mosquito ExterminationCommission for the provision of these services. 

The Commission has prioritized the areas of the County requiring these services based upon mosquito "Request for Service", surveillance data and inspection records. The Bayshore area communities have the highest priority. The Navesink/Shrewsbury municipalities are second. Third are those municipalities adjacent to the Manasquan River and fourth are those whose stormwater flows in the Matchaponix Brook system. Service will be provided on a first come, first served basis.