County of Monmouth
Monmouth County Mosquito Control

Stormwater Management Facility Restoration

There are over 1500 stormwater management facilities in Monmouth County. The most common types are detention, retention and infiltration basins. Newer designs have emerged such as bioretention basins, underground stormwater basins, and constructed wetlands.  All of these facilities require regular inspection and routine maintenance to function as designed.  Unfortunately, many are not maintained, and they quickly clog up and become mosquito larvae habitat. 

Mosquito Control has a countywide NJDEP Freshwater Wetlands General Permit #1 and Flood Hazard Area General Permit #4 that allows it to clean out and restore stormwater management facilities to function as designed.  Using low ground pressure excavators and hand tools, Mosquito Control personnel drain and regrade basins choked with reeds and debris. These projects are conducted in consultation with the municipality to bring the facility back to its original design. After this, routine inspection and maintenance is returned to the responsible party, often the municipalitiy.

Unfortunately, some stormwater management techniques are installed in full compliance with existing stormwater regulations and are by nature, mosquito larvae habitat.  For example, scour holes are installed to slow water flow and prevent erosion in areas of limited space. Our inspectors find mosquito larvae in these areas. In this case, the stormwater facilities are placed on our routine inspection list to treat when larvae are present.

If you suspect an unmaintained stormwater management facility , submit a Request for Service or call the office at 732-542-3630.