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John Tobia, Director

A Word From the Director 

In 2012, the Department of Public Works and Engineering continued to improve productivity, reduce operating costs and increase efficiency as a result of enhancing prior programs and introducing new policies and procedures. The personnel of the department are dedicated to performing their existing and new responsibilities in a professional and efficient manner.

Some of the significant areas continued are the utilization of dedicated construction and paving crews to reduce the use of outside contractors, perform more capital projects in-house, developing engineering designs in-house to reduce consulting costs, continue to conduct the County auction on-line twice a year, vehicle fleet review, review of permit fees, enhancing the in-house recycling program, and continued use of magnesium chloride treated salt which is the only de-icing product to earn the distinguished & designed for the Environment designation from the EPA.

The Municipal Assistance/Shared Services Program continues to be expanded. In 2012 the County offered the use of the vehicle wash station at the Reclamation Center. In 2013 a second wash station will open at the Public Works Complex as a shared service. These programs not only generated a positive response from the municipalities, but have fostered many partnerships and generated additional revenue for the County.

2012 was a busy weather year for the department with 5 alerts in snow and ice control. On Monday, October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall near Brigantine,New Jersey with winds near 80 mph and a storm surge of 13 feet at both high tides. The storm caused damage to bridges, guide rails, the Belford Ferry Terminal, and to numerous trees and buildings along County roadways and buildings. Just when our employees were near completion of the cleanup mother nature throws a snow storm with up to 13 inches of snow. Our crews went from tree, vegetative and sand removal to snow and ice control operations. 

All division employees showed their professionalism, dedication and capability during this time. Some examples were:

  • The Fleet Services Division supported the municipalities by obtaining fuel from various sources and dispensing from Highway Districts. They used a County tanker/refueler truck to provide diesel fuel to standby generators at critical structures non-stop; and
  • The Engineering /Traffic Safety Division deployed damage assessment teams to inspect County infrastructure and buildings to develop repair designs and drainage reports. Traffic Safety Unit began installing portable generators at critical intersections due to lack of power in order to have traffic control devices operational; and
  • The Buildings and Grounds Division worked non-stop in supporting Office of Emergency Management by setting up shelters, transferring supplies, installing generators and coordinating delivery of donations; and
  • The Highway Division was deployed to the bayshore towns to assist in fortifying the berms to slow the flooding. They also assisted before and after the storm to transfer sand back on to the beaches and removing debris in Bradley Beach, Sea Girt,Monmouth Beach, Sea Bright, Keyport,Union Beach, Keansburg, Highlands and Atlantic Highlands. On one of those days in Spring Lake Governor Chris Christie stopped by to say hello and thank the employees for all their work: 

However, one event needs special recognition. During the height of Hurricane Sandy, this department deployed three high wheel transports to Union Beach and one to Belmar with eleven personnel, who rescued more than 250 people from flooded areas, off roofs and submerged vehicles. These individuals are to be commended for their bravery and professionalism.

On behalf of the entire Department of Public Works and Engineering I would like to thank the Board of Chosen Freeholders as well as County Administrator Teri O'Connor for their continued support and understanding during 2012 to further provide outstanding services to the residents of Monmouth County.