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Monmouth County Division of Planning

The Monmouth County Division of Planning provides professional planning services and technical assistance as staff advisors to the Monmouth County Planning Board and other County department, divisions and agencies. The Division works in a broad range of topical planning areas including development review, strategic and long range planning, environment and sustainability, geographic information systems (GIS), community development, and transportation.  In addition to providing professional technical assistance to many Planning Board subcommittees including the Environmental Council, Agricultural Development Board, Transportation Council, Amendment Review Committee, Consolidated Plan Committee, and Fair Housing Board, the Division&S217;s staff has the responsibility to manage, implement and update planning studies and programs of regional influence and significance to the County and to assist municipalities in the coordination of their local planning efforts.


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Master Plan 2016

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Monmouth County

Upper Freehold Historic Farmland
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Measuring Monmouth County's Creative Economy

Monmouth County Future Wastewater Service Area Map
(adopted by NJDEP on 4/11/2013 with Amendments)

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